Advocating for Boys’ Safety: Observing Blue Umbrella Day with Girls Activist Youth Organisation (GAYO)

April 16th,

On this significant occasion of April 16th, the Girls Activist Youth Organisation (GAYO) joins the global community in recognizing Blue Umbrella Day (BUD). This international date serves as a severe reminder of the importance of better caring for boys and protecting them from sexual violence.

While our organization’s name may suggest a focus solely on girls’ issues, we believe in the fundamental principle of gender equality and the protection of all children, regardless of gender. Boys are often overlooked when discussing the prevalence of sexual violence, and Blue Umbrella Day provides a vital platform to shed light on their experiences and advocate for their safety and well-being.

At GAYO, we are committed to creating a world where every child can grow up free from the threat of sexual violence. Through education, awareness-raising, and advocacy, we strive to break the silence surrounding this issue and empower boys to seek help and support when needed.

On this Blue Umbrella Day, let us come together to challenge stereotypes, dismantle stigma, and work towards a future where all children are safe and protected. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of boys everywhere.

#BlueUmbrellaDay #ProtectOurBoys #EndSexualViolence

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