Empowering Voices: Men Join the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence in Mchinji

In a remarkable turn of events, the fight against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Mchinji witnesses an inspiring participation from men. The recent 16 days of activism event in the district revealed an encouraging statistic: 30 percent of the 45 monthly GBV cases reported were by men. This newfound engagement from men has sparked enthusiasm among gender advocates and showcased a significant shift in perceptions.

Grace Nyama, the Victim Support Unit Desk Officer in Mchinji, shared these statistics during the commemorative event, highlighting the bravery of men who stepped forward to report GBV incidents. Nyama emphasized the need to extend support to male victims, noting, “We have learned a lot, and it’s important to recognize that these men are also victims. Some have experienced violence more severely than cases we’ve heard from women.”

During the event, Traditional Authority M’duwa urged organizations to continue their efforts in reshaping community attitudes toward GBV. Responding to this call, Dorothy Mussa, the Mchinji District Council Chairperson, reaffirmed the council’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment while rallying stakeholders and partners for intensified anti-GBV campaigns.

Under the theme “Unite in Fighting Gender Based-Violence,” the commemoration received crucial support from various organizations. Among the sponsors, the Girls Activist Youth Organisation (GAYO) played a pivotal role, contributing to the success of the event alongside Centre for Integrated Community Development (CICOD), Concerned Youth Organization (CYO), ACTION AID, OIM, and others.

This impactful collaboration demonstrates a significant stride toward inclusivity and support in the fight against GBV in Mchinji. The active involvement of men in reporting Gender Based-Violence cases signifies a collective effort to foster a more resilient and united front against gender-based violence. Through continued engagements and community initiatives, this movement aims to reshape societal norms, fostering a safer and more inclusive environment for all.

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