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The Social Media campaign was conducted as a road show. This road show was done from Mchinji Boma to Rusa primary school where an open air was conducted. The activity aimed at raising awareness on SDGs and VNR processes. It was conducted in a rural area so as to disseminate the information to the rural masses for they have to take part if SDG 4 is to be achieved.

During the Road show messages of ending child marriages were shared and not only ending them but also ensuring that the girl child is kept in school. This messages was shared to the community as well as the girls themselves. And the Government was also asked to honor the commitment they made on the education treaties to ensure that the girls and in a conducive learning environment to ensure quality education. Songs that were composed for the GEAR project were played through out the show.

The road show ended at Rusa Primary school where different duty bearers from CSOs and Government departed made speeches as a part of role modeling to motivate the girls in to stay in school. Performances were made from artists that have songs encouraging girls to stay in school and among the artist a female artist was incorporated. SDG awareness was also done during the open air.

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