Tikwaniritse ndi Kuteteza ma Ufulu a Ana (TiKuMA Programme) is building on the previous Norad framework, the vision of the programme is that all children enjoy their right to education and are protected through strong community and government systems by 2028. Contributing towards this vision, Save the Children (SC) and GAYO with other partners will create hubs of excellence in the two districts of Balaka and Mchinji, to generate experience and evidence for replication and scale. To achieve this, we will work with civil society, government actors, and children themselves within three interrelated thematic areas: A strong government system is accountable, responsive, inclusive, and transparent in respecting, protecting, and fulfilling the rights of children (Child Rights Governance), Children are protected from child marriage, sexual and gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies and emotional abuse and have their sexual and reproductive health and rights fulfilled (Child Protection) and children access and complete quality basic inclusive education with improved competencies in foundational literacy and numeracy (Education). This 5-year programme has been developed based on a situation analysis that included 4 consultations with 250 children including 16 with disabilities, in 4 districts and co-designed with partners