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Girls Activist Youth Led Organization is a local NGO in Malawi working in Mchinji District. GAYO - Girls Activist Youth Organization (GAYO) is a non-profit making professional organization, primarily concerned with creating a conducive environment on girl’s rights or related issues through Research, development, entrepreneurship, citizen participation, ICT and other communication channels. Established in 2007 as a club then transformed to organization, GAYO is committed to enhance effective participation of youth in key decision making structures at all levels. GAYO therefore takes a lead at promoting the rights of Girls. GAYO respects the rights and dignity of Girls and children and all those concerned with their education and social welfare, and seeks to promote awareness on girl’s rights issues through media, public relations, awareness programs, seminars and other traditional and non-traditional modes of communication.
VSL Groups (Involving girls and women)

Strategic Values

To equip the youth with knowledge skills and values to be self-reliant citizens.

Adolescents, youth, and women who are self-sustainable.

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