GAYO at the Heart of Education Technology Awareness Campaign in Manyamula, Mzimba”

In a momentous showcase of technological innovation and the boundless enthusiasm of young minds, the “Education Technology Awareness Campaign” was organized by the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) in Manyamula, Mzimba. Girls Activist Youth Organisation (GAYO ) was not just a participant but a passionate advocate, invited by CSEC to stand alongside them at the heart of this transformative experience, which unfolded on September 14th 2023.

GAYO’s mission to promote Inclusive and Quality Education for Girls in Rural and Farming Areas in Malawi found a perfect platform in the EduTech Awareness Campaign. Under their project called “GEAR Girls Education Advocacy in the Region,” GAYO is dedicated to breaking barriers and ensuring that every girl has access to quality education.

The event featured captivating dramas and heart-touching poems performed by primary school learners from various school. These young talents passionately emphasized the significance of EduTech in their education journey. Through their artistic expressions, they conveyed how technology has become an indispensable tool in the modern world and how it can elevate the quality of education in their communities.

In Manyamula, Mzimba, where the local culture thrives, the kids presented dramas that were a testament to their excitement and readiness to embrace Edu-Tech. Their performances showcased not only their creativity but also their deep understanding of the trans-formative power of technology in education.

Adding to the festivities, the event featured electrifying live music performances by two celebrated Malawian artists, Lady-Aika and Nepman. Their music reverberated through the gathering, infusing the event with a spirit of unity and celebration. Lady-Aika and Nepman’s performances served as a reminder that EduTech is not just about innovation but also about embracing the cultural richness that makes Malawi unique.

The EduTech Revolution Continues:

As the sun set on Manyamula, Mzimba, it was clear that EduTech had found its way into the hearts of the people, young and old alike. The event successfully conveyed the message that technology is not a distant concept but a tangible force for empowerment, particularly in the realm of education.

GAYO’s presence at the EduTech Awareness Campaign highlighted their dedication to advancing girls’ education in rural and farming areas. The “Education Technology Awareness Campaign” left an indelible mark on the attendees, reminding them that the future of learning is in their hands. With Edu-Tech as a companion and organizations like GAYO advocating for inclusive education, Malawi’s students, especially girls, are set to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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