Promoting Children’s Rights in the Digital World!

#DayoftheAfricanChild is a time to celebrate the rights of children and to raise awareness of the challenges they face. This year’s theme, “The Rights of Children in the Digital World,” is particularly important as more and more children are using digital devices.

In the digital world, children have the right to access information, to express themselves, and to participate in online activities. They also have the right to be protected from harm, including online abuse and exploitation.

The Mchinji District Council, Girls Activist Youth Organisation, World Vision Malawi, Age Africa, Theater For Change, FEAP Malawi and Malawi Government just to mention a few are organizing a series of events to mark the Day of the African Child and to promote the rights of children in the digital world. These events will include:

  • A public awareness campaign about the rights of children in the digital world
  • A workshop for parents and teachers on how to keep children safe online
  • A competition for children to create digital art and videos about their rights

We invite you to join us in celebrating the rights of children in the digital world. Together, we can make sure that all children have the opportunity to benefit from the digital world while being protected from harm.

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